Doublelift explains his controversial LCS ADC tier list

Earn special cards, emotes, card backs, and other cosmetic items by playing through classic DC comic adventures at your own pace, reliving great moments – or experiencing them the first time — through gameplay! Pulled from the pantheon of great DC comics throughout its history, DC Dual Force will deliver new, playable experiences each week so you always have something DC Dual Force tier list new to play. Poison Ivy – Arkham Inmates plus the draw synergy from Poison Ivy’s ability that also damages the enemy leaders. Cyborg as the ability provides the final win condition as the charge can go straight into the Leader and cannot be blocked by enemy recruits. It continues scaling and the ability cannot be outlasted in anyway other than taking down Cyborg.

  • Next up is Lex Luthor, Superman’s notorious adversary who’s almost on the same level as the Man of Steel himself.
  • This resource generation is proper invaluable and works well with various cards, making Batman a top-notch pick for almost any deck.
  • This does not mean that you will not find decks in this article, on the contrary!
  • The combination presented above seems the best Black Adam deck to me. jessica-cruz
    and kilowog
    can enable the rest of our lanterns as recruits that will be useful for the Black Adam effect.
  • Hal Jordan on the surface generates value and provides you an ability which does damage efficiently at 3 charges and gives you an extra resource.

He’s very good in the tank role thanks to his extensive shields, meaning he can soak up most of your enemy’s attacks while the other team members land some blows. Combined with healing abilities that remove teammate debuffs, Lex is definitely worth using. When you buy codes through the link here, we may earn an affiliate commission. Last week was the first trial of the game by the streamers, and our very own SafetyBlade got to try the game out and given Beta keys to give out for this weekend! There’s a few more keys left so make sure to join the Discord and request one in the dedicated DC Dual Force channels if you’d like to try it out.

DC Dual Force Patch Notes – Open Beta – August 8, 2023

Alternatively, there may still be time to sign up for the Beta from the official DC Dual Force website. Couple Hal Jordan and the Lanterns’ abilities to generate special powers with the legendary gadgets of the Batman, and you could have a combo recipe built to overwhelm your opponents on any planet. Experience epic-level combat strategy with your favorite Super Hero or Super-Villain in DC Dual Force! Team them up with a classic partner – or an unusual ally – to win the day, surrounded by an army of Recruits and in-game Actions you’ve assembled, maximizing your favorite hero’s unique abilities. Lex Luthor – Offers decent board control as well as the Arkham Inmates package. Batgirl – Take advantage of the deploy abilities to establish a good board.

DC Dual Force tier list

Also without the higher rarity cards in this deck it feels like a significant drop in power. Harley Quinn has a built in way to re-fill your hand as you empty your hand. It does this passively when you run out of resources and you will always have two cards per turn. With the way resources work you can empty your hand often and this can make a big difference in aggressive board strategies. She also gets 3 attack for 2 charge which as we have discussed with other Leaders can provide an excellent reactive tool as well as just extra damage.

D Tier

On top of all this the card Iris West gives The Flash and additional attack EVERY turn and INVINCIBLE. Their are also Recruits like Red Tornado which can come down as early as Turn 3 which are game ending threats when paired with the multiple attacks of The Flash. The package this card can support pairs well with many other strategies in the game making The Flash one of the best Leaders in the game.

And that ends our DC Worlds Collide tier list, and you can now choose which to select for having mesmerizing gameplay. Go through these all hero ranks, and you will know who can do the best in your gameplay by following each of them here. Doublelift had to decide between 100 Thieves’ FBI and Evil Geniuses’ Danny as the third and fourth players on his tier list. This, once again, was a tough choice for the former player. Nevertheless, Doublelift underlined that both players are close in skill and Hans is still an exceptional AD carry. He added that he had this opinion for several days before making the tier list, and it partially comes after he played against both players in Champions Queue.

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